How to Enjoy Chill and Pair or Mix and Enjoy


Colonial America's FAVORITE BEVERAGE

Hard cider is making a comeback, and the Upstate New York region is leading the way with world-class cider made from locally grown apples. Besides enjoying a chilled hard cider, folks are also discovering the culinary delights of cider pairings with cheeses and food, traditional and modern cocktail mixes, and the history behind the revival of one of our oldest craft beverages. The hard cider revival provides an exciting opportunity to explore new tastes and pairings when you substitute a handcrafted all-natural Rootstock cider for your favorite craft beer or wine.

The best way to enjoy our cider is to just buy it, chill it, and then enjoy it with family, friends or your favorite food. A healthy benefit of our cider is it is all natural and gluten-free. Another great way to enjoy cider is in a craft cocktail.


Our Favorite Cider Cocktails