Blueberry Russet Hard Cider: Where Fruit Infused Creativity Comes to Life

Our limited release Blueberry Russet cider is an exploration of intense color and perfectly sweet taste. This product, as with all of our limited-release ciders, allowed for our team to embrace creativity and make a  unique cider with an enlivened personality.

The Collaboration

In the rare case that we make a product with ingredients we don’t grow on our own farm, we always look for a local grower to partner with. That’s why West Wind Fruit Farms and Blue Barn Cidery were a clear choice for this project. We have established a great relationship working together to feature our spirits and ciders in their tasting room, and now we are able to enjoy the opportunity to support a fellow family owned local businesses that shares our values and dedication to agriculture.


The Process

This beautiful cider is made with 100% Golden Russet Apples infused with 2,260 lbs. of fresh-picked blueberries. The taste of perfectly ripe blueberries blended  seamlessly with this single varietal heritage cider. Our method for creating the perfect ratio of apples to blueberries is a family secret, but overall we aim to create a balanced note of each fruit in every glass. We start with raw fruit and through our process of infusing the cider, we aim to express the color and flavor of the blueberries without masking the honeyed notes of the Golden Russet apples.

Food Pairings

Our Blueberry Russet is definitely a dessert cider. It is best kept until the last course of a meal served alongside ice cream, or rich buttery pastries such as scones. This cider has a fairly high 3.0% residual sugar creating a brilliantly rich sweetness.  

The perfect addition to any holiday meal or even as a treat under the tree. Stop by the tasting room to pick up a bottle, or maybe even two! We love hearing from you so please don’t forget to share with us what your thoughts are on it.

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