Recipe: Sazerac & Cider

The Sazerac is called “America’s First Cocktail” and known for its floral, and herby flavors, with a fair amount of zest. The addition of cider to the mix adds a crisp, dry tannic quality to the mixture, while adding a new layer of flavor that pairs well with rye whiskey.



  • Sugar Cubes - 2

  • Peychaud’s bitters OR Bitter Truth’s Creole Bitters - 6 dashes

  • Rye Whiskey - 3 oz

  • Absinthe - 2 dashes

  • Rootstock Hard Cider - 4 oz

  • Ice

  • Lemon Peel


  1. In a cocktail mixer, place sugar cubes with the bitters. Wait a few minutes then add the ice and rye whiskey.

  2. Stir until chilled and the sugar is almost dissolved.

  3. Put a dash of absinthe in the serving glasses, and swirl to coat the sides. Fill glasses with ice.

  4. Strain the chilled rye mixture evenly between the two glasses and top with two ounces cider. Garnish with lemon peel, if desired, and serve.

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