Heritage Cider: Finesse-Driven Fruit

Our Heritage Cider is the ballet dancer in our 2017 harvest limited releases. The aromatics displayed by this Rhode Island Greening based cider practically leap out of the glass and flood the senses. The scent of fresh peaches, apricots and rose petals will draw you into a tasting experience with ripe pear and refreshing citrus fruit.

Where does its name come from?

This hard cider is named “Heritage” because we use heritage apple varieties to produce it. In our heritage series, we choose sections of our orchard that have been in our farm for generations, and which best represent the conditions that affected our orchards in 2017.

What do we mean by ballet dancer?

When we say its the ballet dancer, we mean that the Heritage Cider is a light-on-it’s-feet cider. We were inspired by it’s light straw hue (you can thank the heavy summer rainfall of 2017 for that), and the aromatics reminiscent of a bright, sunny summer day: peach, apricot, and rose petal. We think the heritage series is an especially interesting one to check out, because we make a vintage from the same blend of apples every year, and you can really get a sense of how weather and growing conditions can affect a cider from year to year.

What food pairings are best with the Heritage?

The Heritage Cider is a conventional cider and will pair best with dishes that would normally be paired with white wine, such as a Riesling. We recommend chicken, sushi or a light fish dish.

How do we get the rose petal aroma?

The rose petal scent comes from the Rhode Island Greening and Cortland apples after it’s been pressed, fermented, and aged. There are all kinds of rich, complex aromatics that are brought out in the apples through the cidermaking process – it’s the reason we can make so many different types of ciders here!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a bottle or stop by our tasting room to try the finesse-driven, elegant ballet dancer of our 2017 limited releases!

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